Volvo XC90 Parts

The Volvo XC90 is a premium 4x4 manufacturer by the Swedish carmaker Volvo.  The 7-seater XC90 has become something of a long-running model for Volvo, being on the market since 2002.  The car was first seen at the 2002 Detroit Motor Show, and Volvo has plans in the pipeline to introduce a second generation of the XC90 in the near future.

Genuine Volvo XC90 replacement parts and accessories are available at your local Volvo main dealership where trained staff will be on hand to help and advise you on the correct part for your vehicle.  If your Volvo XC90 is still within its 3-year, 60,000-mile warranty period, it may be a requirement of the warranty that genuine manufacturer replacement parts are used to keep the warranty valid. The most trusted source for genuine Volvo parts will be your nearest main dealer, which can be located using the search function on the official Volvo Cars UK Ltd website.

It may also be possible to purchase replacement Volvo XC90 parts from independent motor factors, or online.  There are a number of specialist motor factors and breakers dealing in both new, used, and reconditioned Volvo parts.  If you purchase a replacement part for your Volvo XC90 in this way it is important to find out if the part you are purchasing is a genuine Volvo or manufacturer approved part, or an aftermarket replacement part.  It will also be best to check if there is any warranty included on the part.  It may be cheaper to buy a replacement part from sources other than your Volvo main dealership, but if you cannot reassure yourself as to the quality of the part it may turn out to be a false economy.