Similar Models - The Chrysler Grand Voyager

Chrysler’s Grand Voyager is a huge hit in the corporate sector but has a hard time keeping up with competitors among private buyers. Chrysler has made a few necessary upgrades and a few upgrades just for fun. Safety and equipment upgrades make the Grand Voyager even more attractive to buyers, and the new nose job (borrowed from the Crossfire), makes the Grand Voyager more attractive to everyone.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager is attracting a larger audience due to new products geared to increase the car’s value for money standards. The Grand Voyager has a very spacious cabin designed to accommodate passengers comfortably for long or short distance trips. The vehicle handles well both on the open road and the crowded city streets.

The Grand Voyager easily beats the competition in drivability and creature comforts too. The vehicle comes equipped with powered side doors and tailgates. Even after the newness wears off these are convenient and handy new advances.

The Grand also sports new safety features that are quickly helping to level the playing field between the Grand and the competition. The addition of curtain airbags doesn’t put them ahead of the competition for safety, but it at least keeps them in the running.


The Grand Voyager offers great value for costs. Even with some add-ons the Grand Voyager is able to beat most of the competitor’s prices. A diesel engine option is available and will further enhance the vehicle’s practicality by saving on fuel costs.

The Grand Voyager is loaded with space. The car has plenty of passenger and cargo space. If more space is needed the rear seat can be adjusted accordingly. The middle seats can also be folded over and used as tables if desired. The middle and rear seats can also be completely removed to totally maximize load space.

The controls and knobs are all easy to use and understand. The controls are conveniently placed and right where you would expect them to be. The exception to this is the vehicle’s trip computer which is ceiling mounted in front of the rear-view mirror, this seems like it could have been logically placed somewhere else.

The Grand Voyager is very comfortable for both driver and passengers. The seats are supportive and comfortably accommodate most passengers. Comfort levels are enhanced by the sheer amount of space that is available in the cabin, even with a full load of passengers.

The Grand Voyager provides fairly easy accessibility. The step up into the cabin may pose problems for a select few, but should not be a big deal for the most part. Power doors can be opened and closed using the key fob, and access to all the seats is reasonable convenient.

The Grand Voyager is easy to park. It provides great all round visibility, and is easy to steer and handle. The biggest obstacle is familiarizing yourself with the vehicles large size, parking sensors can also be very helpful.

Life Style

The Grand was not built for speed, and it handles better at a slower or more moderate speed. Driving around town should be quite comfortable, but highway driving may pose a little more difficult depending on wind speeds and the roads twists and turns.

The Voyager was made to carry people, and is a great family vehicle. It accommodates anyone and everyone regardless of shape or size. The Grand offers a lot in the way of seating and storage arrangement, and offers a lot of niceties in the standard package alone. Add on a few extras and the Chrysler Grand Voyager is the ultimate in family travel.

The Grand Voyager would not make a good first car. It isn’t too powerful for a new driver, it is probably too large. A newly licensed driver is not likely to need to carry so many passengers, and will more than likely have a difficult time navigating such a large vehicle.

Chrysler provides a high level of quality and equipment, yet still has difficulty competing with its European rivals. Even though the Grand Voyager is gaining ground, it is still finding it difficult to squash leading competitors. Chrysler’s image has improved considerably with the introduction of their Grand Voyager.

Security and Safety

The Chrysler Grand Voyager comes standard with remote central locking, an immobilizer, and a Category One Alarm.

The Grand comes with front twin airbags, and curtain airbags. There are Isofix child seat anchors located on the middle row of seats, anti-trap door sensors to prevent accidental closure, and ABS.

Finishing Touches

The Grand’s stereo consists of a CD/radio and six speakers. There of course are numerous audio and visual upgrades offered.

The Grand Voyager looks best in dark metallic colors. Dark plastics are more flattering in the cabin than the lighter colors. The quality of the cabin is inferior to the quality provided by the competition.


The Grand Voyager has a sleek body style and offers many creature comforts. Added all together it offers the buyer great value for money and amazing passenger comfort. The Grand is the perfect family vehicle whether traveling or driving around town.